Forth to Basics is packed with insider information for outsiders!

Engineer/Artist/Naturalist, David R. Welder, combines old-school knowledge with modern technology to blaze a trail (with light footprints) towards a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. His words of wisdom from the woods contain surprising insights into both the natural world and the human experience.

Dave and his Artist/Entrepreneur wife, Veronica, show in full color how they transitioned from big-city life to off-grid life, while having fun with the process. This is more than a DIY Book, it details how and why they did it and offers alternative options. Living more with less? Yes, please!

Dave's Going off-Grid interview on WPR's The Larry Meiller Show


  • “With one foot in the natural world and the other on the artistic side of things, Dave Welder is the perfect off-grid storyteller. In Forth to Basics, Dave draws you a map, points to a spot squarely off the beaten path, then tells you exactly how to get there. Chock-full of expert insights and invaluable directions, this book serves as a functional guide to making a plan, finding land, packing up, and forging a simpler life.”

    — Maxwell Martinson

A message from the Author

Hello friends!

After 5 years of living off grid (and taking notes), I decided to write Forth to Basics as my way of answering all the best questions I’ve ever been asked, especially by the young. This book is full of DIY projects and was a big DIY project in itself! With the editing expertise of my wife, Veronica Glidden, we were able to self-publish the book on a limited budget.  A few more talented professionals helped transform my original vision into a thing of beauty. I call them my A-Team:
Anniken Fuller (
Eau Claire Printing Company (
Wendy Nemitz (
Maxwell Martinson
Bruce Christianson
Amy St Mikael

On November 17, 2022,  we received the first run of 250 full-color books, expertly printed by Eau Claire Printing Company. This limited edition features high quality color and durability and is signed and numbered by the author. Hey, that’s me.

Forth to Basics is packed with frugal solutions and insider information for outsiders…
looks real nice on a coffee-table too!